What are Fleas

Flea pest controlFleas are a small, wingless parasite about 2.5mm long.
They don’t have wings and their bodies are flat but they are capable of jumping large distances.
They can be carried into homes by pets or on clothing.
Fleas feed by drawing blood from a host, they prefer hairy animals ie dogs, cats etc but will also feed on human blood by biting, they tend to bite ankles and legs.

Signs of Fleas

There are lots of signs that can indicate flea activity.
Domestic Pets scratching can be a sign of fleas.
Bites on humans, especially around ankles and bottom of legs.
Faeces which may be spotted in carpets, rugs, pet beds etc looks like ground black pepper.
Fleas can lie dormant for up to 12 months and only come alive when a host appears.

How do Fleas breed

Fleas breed via complete metamorphosis.
They breed quickly and a large infestation can soon develop.
After a meal a flea can lay between 4 and 8 eggs.
They then hatch into larvae between one and twelve days.
The larval stage lasts up to 18 days after which it cocoons and enters pupal stage.
Pupal stage may be complete in 3 days but can take up to one year.
The fleas then become adult and start feeding on blood.

Prevention of Fleas

There is no direct way to keep flea free.
Using vet approved flea control on pets can help and sealing cracks, gaps and holes to keep rodent and other hosts free is an indirect way to help control flea infestations.

Who can help me control Fleas?

Arrest Apest can help control your flea problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any flea issues.