Questions you may have about pest control

Q. What happens after I make a call or request?
A. One of our fully qualified technicians will pay you a visit, investigate the situation, then offer the best advice.

Q. Will there be more than one visit?
A. This depends on the situation and the rodent / insect in question.

Q. Are your technicians qualified and insured?
A. Our technicians are qualified to either RSPH Level 2 / City & Guilds and more.

Q. Are pest treatments safe for pets?
A. Our technicians evaluate every situation. We would not use any product which could cause yourselves, or any pets, harm.

Q. Do I have to be out of the home when treatment is taking place?
A. This depends on the situation. Some treatments require that the home is vacant for a number of hours to allow the product to settle. Our technicians will advise.

Q. Can rats and mice cause damage?
A. Rats, mice and squirrels can cause lots of damage. They gnaw through wood and electrical cables which, it turn, can cause fires, etc.

Q. I can hear noises in my loft late at night such as scratching.
A. One of our technicians would need to evaluate this. The signs would be of a rodent if it’s late at night, as they are nocturnal.

Q. Do you kill bees even though they are protected?
A. Bees are not protected. However, we do not actually kill bees unless we have to. We always endeavour to take the nests away and rehome them.

Q. Are bats protected?
A. Yes. Bats are protected. If they are found to be in your loft area, you would need a bat specialist and it limits what we can use if you have other issues.

Q. How do you get rid of birds nests in lofts?
A. We would wait till the birds fledge. We then offer a nest removal service.