What are Honey Bees

Get rid of Honey BeesHoney Bees are about 15mm in length and are light brown in colour. Honey Bees are oval shaped with golden – yellow colours and brown bands. The body colour of Honey Bees does vary slightly between the species some have black bodies. The light and dark stripes serve a purpose for the survival of the Honey Bee, as the bright colours act as a warning  to predators to keep away as the Honey Bee has the ability to sting.

The head of the Honey Bee consists of the eyes, antennae and feeding structure. The eyes are a compound eye and the simple eye, the compound eye helps with the colour, light and direction from the suns  UV rays, while the function of the simple eye, helps determine the amount of light present. The antennas function is to smell and detect odour and the measure of flight speed. The Honey Bees jaws are used to eat pollen, cutting and shaping wax, feeding larvae and the queen, cleaning the hive, grooming and fighting.

The thorax of the Honey Bee consists of the wings, legs the forewing of which is larger than the hind wing, Is used for flight and as a cooling mechanism to fan away heat and cool the hive.

The abdomen’s six segments include the female reproductive system in the queen, male reproductive organs in the drone and the stinger in both workers and queen.

There are no natural Honey Bees left in this country as all the Honey Bees have come from a man made hive, usually constructed from wood.

What makes up a colony

The colony is made up of an egg laying Queen, male Drones and female Workers. All these stay together in there own close knit community.

In each colony, there is a egg laying Queen with thousands of Workers the Queen mates with up to 17 Drones, this then allows the Queen to set up a new colony and lay eggs. Queen bees lay eggs in cells of there nest, and when they hatch they become larvae. Each colony contains only one Queen who produces up to 2,000 eggs a day.

Adult Workers look after the larvae inside the cells and feed them with pollen and honey for about 3 weeks, at which point they become adults.
Mature bees chew themselves out of the sealed cells to emerge.

Drones are in the minority in the colony and serve only one purpose, to mate with the virgin Honey Bee Queen. After mating the drones die.

Although the infertile Worker females do not produce their own eggs nor do they establish new colonies, they perform several important tasks. Young Honey Bee Workers look after the larvae by secreting liquid from their abdominal glands.
As Workers mature they become responsible for carrying and storing food gathered by foragers. As strong adults ,they forage for food until they finally die.

Bee stings

Stinging insects such as Bees,Wasps and Hornets use there sting to subdue pray, mainly other insects and spiders and to defend them selves in their colony. They sometimes sting humans when either defending their colony or themselves.

Who can help me control Honey Bee swarms

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