As the cold weather draws in Rats / Mice start looking for warmth, shelter, food sources and unfortunately these could end up infesting some of our properties.

If you find that you have an infestation please call Arrest Apest, one of our professional technicians will visit your property, we decide together what we need to do to get rid of the infestation.

Arrest Apest don’t just come and put bait down to eliminate the problem we go beyond that, we try and get to the bottom of how the infestation happened in the first place to ensure the property doesn’t get infested again.

We as a company put our customers first, to us our customers aren’t just numbers we realise how distressing an infestation can be so we remain in constant contact, we don’t just bait up and you never hear off us again like some other companies we have scheduled visits and are always the other end of the phone if any issues arise.