What are Silverfish

Silverfish pest controlSilverfish are a small wingless insect which are light grey in colour.
They are nocturnal typically 13-25mm in length.
The newly hatched are whitish but develop a greyish blue as they get older.
They have three long bristles on the rear and two antennae on the head and grow from egg to adult without visible change in appearance.
Silverfish are known for their destructive feeding habits, they ruin papers, clothing and wallpaper.
Silverfish can be found in kitchens, laundrys, bathrooms, lofts, basements they commonly infest dark, damp areas and are capable of thriving in most climates.
They feed on carbohydrates particulary sugars and starches.
There are no health risks associated with Silverfish but they can give a mildly irritating sting but there are not any long term effects.

Signs of Silverfish

Silverfish can go unnoticed for a long time allowing for rapid growth as they breed quickly.
Signs to look for are silverfish themselves, sometimes found in sinks or baths.
Moulted skin.
Tiny holes in clothing or paper or yellow stains.
Sightings of them maybe behind skirting boards or other damp places.

How do Silverfish breed

Silverfish breed by the male depositing small packets of sperm, the females take them into themselves through their ovipositors.
Eggs are laid in groups of two or three a day or in clusters of two and twenty, they are commonly placed inside tiny cracks or crevices and are difficult to see as they only measure about 1mm.
Once they hatch the Silverfish are white in colour and emerge from the egg fully formed but smaller than adults.

Prevention of Silverfish

Silverfish can be brought into your property through goods or boxes, they can also come in through cracks or openings.
Don’t leave piles of cardboard or papers around.
Hoover regulary to pick up food crumbs or potential eggs.
Keep dry food in sealed containers.
Seal any cracks around home and in skirting boards / damp areas.
Clear perimeter of home of leaves or damp debris.

Who can help me control Silverfish?

Arrest Apest can help control your silverfish problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any silverfish issues.