What are Woodlice

Woodlice pest controlWoodlice are not insects they are crustaceans.
They have three body parts the head, thorax and abdomen.
They are typically grey in colour with a shell like exoskeleton.
They are 15mm in length and have 7 pairs of legs.
They feed on dead plant material and are generally active at night.
They aren’t harmful and don’t carry any disease but can cause superficial damage to decoration and possibly furniture around the home.
Woodlice like damp, dark places and are generally found in wall cavities, under stones and in compost heaps.

Signs of Woodlice

The main signs that you have an infestation of Woodlice would be sightings of them or finding dead ones.

How do Woodlice breed

Breeding generally takes place at night.
A male will find a female, he then transfers sperm to one of the females genital openings.
During the breeding season reproductive females develop a brood pouch which forms a false floor below the body.
The fertilized eggs pass into this fluid filled chamber and the young crawl out when they are fully developed.

Prevention of Woodlice

It is difficult to prevent Woodlice.
Seal any joints around skirting boards or any openings which they may be able to enter from outside.
Check any dark, damp places for any activity.

Who can help me control Woodlice?

Arrest Apest can help control your woodlice problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any woodlice issues.