What are Ants

Get rid of ant infestationsANTS are a nuisance pest especially when they enter home or office area, the most common ant is the Black Garden Ant these are not thought to carry a disease.
It’s best to stop Ants from entering buildings as they tend to search for sugar products in kitchen areas.

Black Garden Ants tend to search for food products around rubbish bins to feed to the Queen and young Ants.The Garden Ants leave a trail of pheromone back to the nest site for other Black Ants to follow to find there food source.

There are a number of different types of Ants in the UK. The Black Ants that we get are easy to control as they stay near to there nest site.

Pharoah Ants are a bigger problem especially in public buildings. They are about 2mm long light brown in colour. Pharoah Ants travel long distances from there nest site, there for making them a lot more difficult to control as one nest is controlled another can start up this is what makes them so difficult to control.

Both the Garden Ant and the Pharaoh Ants have the body made up of three sections they are the [ Head, Thorax, Abdomen ] they can have a narrow waists and a prominent elbow joint in the Antennae. Ants are organised social pests.
Ants invade buildings looking for sweet tasting food like sugar, ceriels, liquors, and other sweet drinks. This work is taken out by the worker Ants that collect this and take it back to the nest to feed the Queen and her Larvae.

What are flying Ants

Flying Ants are when Both the females and males take to the sky in the middle of the summer. Their swarming flight may only last for a few days this allows them to mate in the air then fly back down to the ground, the male then dies.The female now fertile [ Queen ] will seek out a new site to lay her eggs for the following spring.

Prevent an Ant infestation

Cover up any exposed food stuffs preferably in plastic containers.
Must clean up any food or liquid spillages immediately.
Rubbish must be kept in tight fitting bins.
Location of compost bin must be well away from the house.
Good house keeping is the key.

What are the risks involving an Ant infestation to us

All Ants could be carrying bacteria as they travel across our food stuffs thus leading to food poisoning. All Ants have the ability to bite.

Who can help me control Ants?

Arrest Apest can help control your ants and ant infestation problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any ant issues.