What are Flies

Flies pest controlFlies are a highly disruptive pest.
There are over 120,000 species worldwide.
They infest homes and spread disease, cause food contamination which in turn can cause food poisoning.
A few species can bite.
They can cause an annoyance.
Maggots are unsightly.

Signs of Flies

Usual signs you have an infestation of flies are the sightings of flies.
Some flies are difficult to see for example fruit flies, they are tiny but you will see them when they pass your field of vision.
They are generally around food areas, rubbish areas but can be a nuisance by buzzing around.
Small dark clusters of spots.
Maggots, these are generally around food areas ie bins, food wastes etc.
Finding flies in loft areas is usually related to cluster flies.
You will witness flies as they rest on floors, ceilings, walls during the day.

How do Flies breed

Flies breed at a fast rate.
The female could lay five or six batches of 75 – 100 eggs.
These eggs in warm weather especially will hatch in around 12 – 24 hours.
These eggs then hatch into maggots which feed on a food source which is generally rubbish or rotting food.

Prevention of Flies

The best form of preventing fly infestations is to remove food source.
Make sure food is disposed of properly.
Make sure bin areas are kept clean and tidy.

Who can help me control Flies?

Arrest Apest can help control your flies problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any flies issues.