What are Moles

Mole pest controlMoles are small mammals which have a cylindrical body and are around 11 – 16cm long, they weigh about 70 to 130 grams.
Moles have very strong shoulders with spade like limbs with claws for digging.
They are a silver black in colour with their hair covering their eyes which are very poor.
They have excellent smell and touch.
Moles are solitary animals and only come from underground to breed, they don’t get on with each other and have been known to fight till the death.
Moles live underground and are carnivores feeding mainly on earthworms, their saliva contains a toxin which paralyzes earthworms and they then store them in larder areas for later consumption, they need to eat about 20 earthworms a day to survive which
Moles have a very well developed sense of orientation, a solitary mole can cover a large area as they are excellent diggers.
Moles work in 4 hour shifts, so they work for 4 hours have 4 hours sleep and so on.

Signs of Moles

Moles very rarely are seen.
Evidence that you have a mole will be dirt mounds which are known as Fortress or Mole Hills which will appear and more will appear.
Also surface tunnels that look like the veins on the back of your hands will appear.
Plants can die, moles don’t purposely kill plants but do so by either scraping away at the roots looking for food which scrapes away at the plants nourishment or other animals such as voles getting into the tunnels and killing the plants.

How do Moles breed

Female Moles give birth to one litter per year which contain 2 to 7 young, gestation period is 4 weeks and the young then leave the mother at around 5 weeks old.
The main breeding season is February to June.

Prevention of Moles

There isn’t much that you can do to prevent Moles.

Who can help me control Moles?

Arrest Apest can help control your mole problem.
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