What are Foxes

Fox pest controlFoxes are part of the Canidae Family.
The Male Foxes weigh around 6kg and the Female around 5kg.
They are generally brown but are also red in colour with a thick bushy tail.
Foxes are a nuisance and can damage lawns, gardens, rubbish bags, bin areas and kill other animals ie pets.
Foxes carry diseases such as Toxocara, they can also carry fleas and a lot of them are infected by Mange.

Signs of Foxes

Signs you may have foxes are the damage and disturbance of rubbish areas, you may find dead pets or pets that have disappeared ie pet rabbits, hamsters.
They also have strong droppings and strong urine smells.
They are a nocturnal animal mainly but sightings of them are often.

How do Foxes breed

Foxes breed December to February and that is when you hear the high pitched sounds.
They generally have around 4-5 cubs.

Prevention of Foxes

The best form of preventing foxes is to remove the food source.
Make sure food is disposed of properly.
Make sure bin areas are kept clean and tidy.
Make sure any pet animal cages are secure.

Who can help me control Foxes?

Arrest Apest can help control your fox problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any fox issues.