What are Biscuit Beetles

Biscuit Beetle pest controlThe biscuit beetle, also known as the drugstore or bread beetle.
They are 2-3mm long and medium to dark brown in colour.
They are generally found in shops or places where flour, bread or cereal products are kept.
They can get through most forms of packaging.

Signs of Biscuit Beetles

The main signs that you have an infestation of Biscuit Beetles would be sightings of them or finding dead ones. Check dry food for evidence.

How do Biscuit Beetles breed

The female biscuit beetle lays eggs in food or areas that surround foodstuff. Over a period of three weeks a single beetle can lay about 100 eggs. The eggs then hatch and larvae emerges and infests foodstuff in that area. This usually takes around two weeks.
The larvae then lives inside the food for up to five months where they grow and moult. Once they reach full grown they find movement difficult and construct a cocoon around themselves.
The pupal stage then lasts two to three weeks then the adults may remain in the cocoon for a further two weeks before they emerge.
The adults then disperse and live without feeding for up to eight weeks.
Mating then takes place and the female lays her eggs before she dies and the cycle starts again.

Prevention of Biscuit Beetles

Check cupboards and food stores regularly and make sure food is used before their ‘use by’ dates. Check food on opening to make sure its not already infested. Make sure food packaging is undamaged on purchase.

Who can help me control Biscuit Beetles?

Arrest Apest can help control your Biscuit Beetle problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any biscuit beetle issues.