What are squirrels

Squirrels are a rodent.
The most common squirrel is the Grey Squirrel which is classed as a rodent.
This means they should be controlled and if caught should not be allowed back into the wild.
The Red Squirrel is protected by law and should not be killed in any circumstance.
Grey Squirrels are predominantly grey but can also have a brownish colour.
The head and body is generally 25 – 30cm and the tail around 19 – 25cm long.
They weigh between 400 and 600 gram.
Squirrels are food hoarders and will collect food for future feeding they are herbivorous generally eat nuts, seeds, acorns, bulbs, fungi and occasionally birds eggs.

Signs of Squirrels

Usual signs of Grey Squirrels are sightings, they are active all the time and will be spotted in gardens especially close to feeders, but also in hedgerows, parks, woodland etc.
Grey Squirrels generally build a nest which is called a Drey, these are generally in treetops of hollow tree trunks and are built using moss, dried grass, feathers.
Grey Squirrels will also nest in loft spaces if there is access, this can be very damaging as squirrels are very destructive, they could chew through wires, wood, insulation.
Signs that there are squirrels nesting in the loft would be noises, scratching, gnawing sounds, droppings which are similar to rat droppings or any sightings.
Squirrels aren’t known to carry any disease which is harmful to man.

How do Squirrels breed

Grey Squirrels are native to North America.
Grey Squirrels breed twice a year December to February and May to June.
The first litter born February / March the second litter June / July.
Normally Squirrels have one to four young but can have up to eight.
The gestation period is 44 days and the young are weaned around 10 weeks..
The young begin to leave the nest at around 12 weeks.
Grey Squirrels are usually sexually mature at around 12 months.

Prevention of Squirrels

To help prevent an infestation of grey squirrels it’s important to make sure there is no access to wall cavities or loft areas.
Reducing food source is a good way to keep squirrels to a minimum.

Who can help me control Squirrels?

Arrest Apest can help control your grey squirrel problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any squirrel issues.