What are Mice

MouseMice are a rodent which live very close to man.
They are found in sheds, farms, fields, garages anywhere they can find food, water and shelter.
They can grow up to approx 20cm including tail and they weigh between 15 and 30 gram.

There a few different breeds of mice.
Field Mice which generally infest Sheds, Garage, Outhouses particulary where fruit and vegetables are stored.
House Mouse which can invade most properties, businesses.
A House Mouse preferred food is cereal.
They eat around 3 gram of food a day but don’t eat from a certain food source they eat little and often and will eat from lots of different sources.
They don’t need much water about 3ml and this is usually provided from food.

A mouse can get through tiny gaps and once they enter a property they can cause a nuisance and can be very damaging which can include gnawing through wires, wood, food, rubbish.

Signs of Mice

Usual signs you may have an infestation of mice could be the sightings of droppings, which are small and dark in colour, 3 – 8mm length and are usually scattered randomly.
Other signs could be gnawing marks, scratching noises or trail marks or strong smells.
Mice are generally out of sight and are nocturnal so finding nest areas to an untrained person can prove difficult as they are usually in lofts, cavities, behind electrical equipment.

How do Mice breed

Mice breed at a fast rate, they generally have 4-16 babies per litter and can breed 7-8 times a year, the young females are ready to breed at around 12 weeks so a small infestation can soon turn into a large infestation if not got under control.

Who can help me control Mice?

Arrest Apest can help control your mouse problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any mouse issues.