What are Wasps

Wasp pest controlWasps are an insect which have three body parts, the head, thorax and abdomen.
There are lots of different species the most common are the Common Wasp which are about 12 – 17mm long, bright yellow and black bands along the body, they have two pairs of wings and a long antennae, the sting is located at the bottom of the abdomen.
German wasp which are very similar to the common wasp though it is slightly bigger, also the German Wasp has three small black dots on the face which are the two best ways to tell them apart.
Wasp are usually spotted from around April/May to September / October.
There are social and solitary wasps.
The main wasps that cause a nuisance are social wasps, these are wasps that live in colonies, these colonies can have up to several thousand and are extremely active.
Wasps can also sting multiple times.

Signs of Wasps

Wasps are usually spotted from around April till the end of October times.
You will usually find wasp activity by keeping an eye on a wasps movements, if they keep going into a certain gap or hole in the wall, facia, roof area the signs are there may be a wasp nest.
If a wasp has built a nest in the loft area you can hear a buzzing noise if you listen carefully.
If you do notice any of these do not fill the hole up before all the wasps are dead and hope this will get rid of the wasp problem, this will make matters worse and cause the wasps to get angry and confused, they can even chew through plasterboard to get outside or into your premises and are very likely to sting.

How do Wasps breed

Late in the summer the queen will produce unfertilized eggs, these eggs then develop into males.
The males then fertilize female wasps that will become Queens the following year.
These fertilized Queen females then hibernate in the winter while the rest of the colony dies off.
Next spring those Queens will start laying eggs which become workers, they then start building the nest and feeding the larvae produced by the queen.

Prevention of Wasps

Wasps generally come inside for a food source, nesting site, to hibernate or by accident.
It is quite difficult to prevent this but the best way is to make sure any external holes or openings in brickwork, facia, soffits, roof tiles, sheds, garages anywhere a wasp can get into are filled in to keep access points for a wasp at a minimum.
We do not recommend trying to remove the nest yourselves without the right equipment it can become dangerous.

Who can help me control Wasps?

Arrest Apest can help control your wasp problem.
Our technicians have the experience to deal with any wasp issues.